Dr Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is a Research Software Engineer at The Alan Turing Institute (London, UK) as a member of the Research Engineering Group. She completed her PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Leicester in 2018 and holds an MPhys in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Hull.

During her PhD, Dr Gibson gained invaluable data science and programming skills analysing astronomical satellite data and building probabilistic models. She has since transferred these skills to real-world problems, in a range of domains, through the Turing’s challenge areas. Sarah enjoys the wide range of collaborators and new skills this exposes her to.

Sarah is also passionate about open source projects and reproducible research. She is a member of the team that operates mybinder.org, a website that allows a scientific analysis to be reproduced by anyone over the cloud via a single, clickable link (mybinder.org is maintained by Project Binder as part of the Project Jupyter ecosystem). Sarah was also one of the core developers that launched The Turing Way, a community-driven handbook for data science. She can often be found at conferences giving talks and workshops on using Binder, deploying a BinderHub, and the importance of reproducibility in research.

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