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So 2020 is off to an incredibly exciting start!

I have been awarded a Software Sustainability Institute 2020 Fellowship!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

The Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) is an organisation that facilitates the advancement of software in research by cultivating better, more sustainable, research software to enable world-class research (“Better software, better research”). Its mission is to become the world-leading hub for research software practice. The Institute is based at the Universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and Southampton, and draws on a team of experts with a breadth of experience in software development, project and programme management, research facilitation, publicity and community engagement.

Every year, the SSI runs a fellowship programme that provides funding for researchers who want to improve how research software is used in their domains/areas of work.

I plan to use my Fellowship to nurture the Binder community, particularly those who use Julia and R languages, and develop an on-ramp process for onboarding new operators. Hopefully, I’ll get to attend the European R Users Meeting and JuliaCon and listen to the hopes and dreams of these sections of our community for Binder. I also hope to work with The Turing Way to host a “Train the Trainer”-style do-athon for educators who may want to use Binder for their courses and encourage them the contribute documentation or bug fixes back.

I’m really excited and privileged to be a part of this programme and have the opportunity to collaborate with a great group of Fellows! And stay tuned for more blog posts on what I get up to as a Fellow over the next year!

You can see my video application below.