Career Profile

Research Software Engineer solving real-world problems by combining and applying cutting edge research from academia and industry. Software Sustainability Fellow. Proud member of the Project Jupyter and Binder teams. Open source contributor. Advocate for open, sustainable, and reproducible research practices. Passionate about healthy community building and growth.


Research Software Engineer

2018 - Present
The Alan Turing Institute, London UK

My role involves collaborating with stakeholders throughout the Turing network on research projects linked to the Turing Challenge Areas. In my capacity as an RSE, I take responsibility for following best software practices throughout the project, implementing required computational infrastructure or automated pipelines, data wrangling and analysis, project documentation, project management, and reporting via papers, presentations or blog posts.

Within the Research Engineering team, I lead two Service Areas that support the project-based work the team and wider Turing research community engages in. The Research Software Tools Management service area provides access to critical research and collaboration tools including GitHub, continuous integration services, Zenodo, and the Slack workspace. The Open Source service area provides advice and mentoring for engaging with open source including developing open source tools and communities, publishing in open source journals (e.g. JOSS), and contributing to open source projects outside the Turing.

Notable projects:


I am a core contributor and community leader for the following projects

I work as part of a team operating a public platform that serves reproducible computational environments in the cloud to approximately 140k users per week around the world. I wrote a successful bid for a $10k grant to deploy and maintain cloud infrastructure at the Turing Institute which receives a part of this traffic. I chair the monthly team meetings and onboard or mentor new contributors. I host workshops on using or deploying a replica service, and speak about Binder’s community and role in the Open Science domain. At the Turing, I am technical lead and maintainer of a private Binder service for the Turing research community.

I am a core member of the team that launched the Turing Way as a book and project in 2019. I provide expert technical support for building the book website and continuous integration workflows. I also contribute my expertise directly to the book and have written chapters on Binder, facilitating remote events, and effective communication with an open source community. I mentor new contributors through the process of making their first contribution, guiding them on best practices and where their topic best fits into the book.

Professional Activities


2020 - ongoing

My Fellowship will promote the Binder community and diversify the skill set of the operating team. By attending conferences for Julia, Python and R (the 3 main Jupyter languages), I connect with these communities, learn how they use Binder and their future aspirations, and promote our onboarding system for becoming contributors and operators.



Co-lead of a spin-off of the Open Life Science mentorship programme for the Turing research community. The programme teaches open leadership skills for growing an open project and community.

Skills & Competencies


Python, Kubernetes, Docker, git, GitHub, Continuous Integration/Deployment, testing. Managing public releases and communities of Open Source projects.


Papers and research deliverables, technical documentation. Sponsorship requests. Community outreach and blogging, particularly when open source oriented.


Community and project management at various different scales, ranging from hosting collaborative community calls, running and developing training workshops, managing open source issues and pull requests, and beyond.

Events, Talks and Workshops

A complete list of events, talks and workshops can be found at


A complete list of publications can be found with ORCID number 0000-0003-0356-2765.

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  • Fallback accretion on to a newborn magnetar: short GRBs with extended emission
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