The Turing Way

The Turing Way is an online handbook - and global community - dedicated to fostering gold-standard reproducible research.

It’s a cultural movement with the potential to transform data science.

There is a crisis of reproducibility in science. ‘Publish-or-perish’ incentives and excessive data secrecy stifles progress and wastes resources: siloed science is slow science.

The Turing Way is an evolving online ‘handbook’ on how to conduct world-leading, reproducible research in academic data science and AI with the goal of making reproducible science “too easy not to do”. The book deals not only with the ‘how’ of things, but also the ‘why’ - the ethos and long-term benefits of reproducible research.

The Turing Way is also a flourishing global community of research engineers, data librarians, industry professionals and research experts dedicated to capturing and sharing research best practice, tools and data. The team is collaborating on workshops with the people behind Binder, a key research platform that enables highly shareable research.

Through the community contributions, the handbook will grow into a ‘How-To Guide for Data Science’ covering areas including research design, collaboration, visualising results, the ethics of data science, and more.

Sarah was a core member of the team that launched The Turing Way and specifically worked on the integration of the book with Binder. She developed and presented two workshops on using Binder (Zero-to-Binder) and deploying a BinderHub, the technology that powers Binder (Zero-to-BinderHub).

Sarah also contributed new documentation on deploying BinderHubs to Microsoft Azure to the Binder Project. As a result, she was asked to officially join the Binder team as an operator and maintainer of the project and website.

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