Photo from RSE Con UK 2019

I have spoken on reproducible research and open source collaboration at high profile software conferences in the UK. I am also comfortable and experienced at leading workshops/tutorials for all ranges of abilities.

I am always happy to attend and speak at conferences, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with new audiences. I am grateful to all the conference organisers who have done a wonderful job hosting me so far. :open_hands:

Below, I have listed some qualities that I believe make conferences accessible and enjoyable for a broader range of attendees. Some of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve attended have implemented these practices!

  • Make a best effort to have diverse participants
  • No all white/white-male panels
  • Implement an enforceable Code of Conduct (CoC) with clearly defined methods for reporting and dealing with conflicts when they arise. Also provide trained staff to address conflicts and are prepared to handle complaints appropriately. CoCs are only as good as their enforcement!
  • Allow participants to share their pronouns
  • All areas that are part of the conference must be accessible - remember folks may decide to not self-identify!
  • It can be really difficult to get the right set up to run the super amazing workshop you asked me to give - I really appreciate the option to use my own laptop for presentations!

(These points are taken from Tatiana Mac’s Speaker Rider which aligns with my own ethos.)

List of Previous Talks and Workshops

Below is a list of talks and workshops that I have presented to date (in reverse chronological order) with links to the slides or workshop materials where available.

Conference Date Title Resources
JuliaCon 2020 29-31 July 2020 Project Binder and the Julia Community: How can we help each other (lightning talk) / Project Binder and the Julia Community: Planning for the Future (BoF) Abstract and Video (lightning talk) / Abstract (BoF) / Slides
EuroPython 2020 23-26 July 2020 Sharing Reproducible Python Environments with Binder Abstract / Slides
e-Rum 2020 17-20 June 2020 Supporting R in the Binder Community Abstract / Slides
CogX 8-10 June 2020 Sharing Reproducible Analyses with Binder at Scale Slides
Remote ReproHack 14 May 2020 Sharing Reproducible Computational Environments with Binder Slides
PyData Cambridge Meetup 29 January 2020 Reproducible Research: An Introduction to The Turing Way and Binder Abstract / Slides / Tutorial
RSE Con UK 17-19 September 2019 Build a BinderHub for hosting Reproducible Software in the Cloud Abstract / Slides / Workshop
RSE Con UK 17-19 September 2019 RSE Worldwide: Collaborating Across Borders Slides
UKRI Cloud Workshop 12 February 2019 Reproducible, Reliable, Reusable Analyses with BinderHub on Cloud Abstract / Slides